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Alicia Philipp

Alicia Philipp, LPC


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Alicia Philipp, LPC

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Career Counselor
As a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), with over 10 yrs. of Career Counseling experience, I enjoy guiding each client through a process of identifying and evaluating their options, whether you are in a job search, or seeking out new career options. The goal is helping you find more satisfaction, not only with your work, but your life. As a LPC, I can also help you explore how different aspects of your life may be affecting your satisfaction at work.

My services include: assisting clients with career exploration, sometimes using career assessment tools; exploring ways to overcome difficulties in decision-making; and coaching clients to enhance their job search strategies.

I offer a free consultation by phone to help you decide if working together will be helpful for your situation.

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151 Locust St.
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Avondale Estates, GA
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